Saturday, March 5, 2011

The importance of the letters of resignation

Redundancy is the process by the employer for amendment of the information. It is not in the business world, when it considers that a work without information to your employer. Very bad, there is a photo of you. Therefore, it is extremely important that a letter of resignation offer before they leave work quality. In principle, have a letter of resignation in writing two objectives:

First is that you are informed that the employer about your decision. There are certain formalities that are connected to this process, and the employer must ensure that all these things. If you are in the Organization of the work and know that prepare all documents for the necessary service records and experience points.

The second is that the employer should your company in the last few days so that your employer must ensure that the consideration as possible. Period of one month, two months or even days as business rules.

Therefore, it is now clear that a letter of resignation is very important. Now, here are some tips on how a good letter of termination.

(1) the need for minimum length, means that it must be very clear in his letter.
2 Be written, it is a very formal letter and should not go into details.
3 clear of his resignation.
(4) don't forget to include the warning that you make available to employers.
(5) is not required, but highly appreciated, if the employer for good weather through the organization.
6 Specify if needed, they say, time and date for the meeting.
7. in a letter of resignation shall be provided from their real Goody signatures that the role of quality.